Friday, January 28, 2011

Welcome to the Flicka da Cookie Tailgate Pawty for the #Dudefest Trooper Bowl!!

We hope to have some wonderful treats for everybody at this pawty! We don't know much about Bowl Games, but we understand Tasty!

Please be sure and visit the Baghdad Pups home page, and see how they are helping get these heros home!

 We have a donation widget here to the right, or you can go visit the #dudefest main page where they'll have one also. 

Please help if you can!

On to the treats!

Oh, a special tailgating treat all the Dudes love! Black Bean Chili Dip, made with Bacon! Hooch.
Won't need any airhorns at THIS pawty!

 A very hardy Cheese and Bacon! Cornbread, great for walking around at Trooper Bowl. Eat it by itself, or with a tasty bowl of Chili!
Oh, we'll have bowls and bowls of this tasty Chili Lime and Cheese Popcorn
 Goes great with an Ice Cold Bacon! Beer!
...snicker...My favorite! A Cincinnati Chili Cheese Dog, chili made with cinnamon and our secret ingredient, Bacon!
A sweet little treat here. A Raspberry Lemon Nip Cheesecake Tart. Bite-sized, so grab a couple
Oh, the dogs will love chasing these footballs! Cocoa Rice Krispies with Beefbone, and just a touch of Bacon!Hooch frosting!
    Ooooh! Rawhide Waffle Cones!   In your choice of toppings; Bacon! Beer, Niptini, or Strawberry Tequila!

These Hot Dog Cookies are sure to please! Beefbone or Salmon flavored with a Bacon! Beer Mustard and sprinkled with Nip!

Our special Nip-Smoked Salmon and Capers Sandwich. Extra Bacon!, Cream Cheese, and Nip upon request

Be sure and try our Ollibollen
Donuts,made especially for da Bears with lots of butter and honey, but all the dudes will love them! (even if there is no Bacon!)
Bacon! Root Beer Cupcakes! With extra Bacon! and a generous dollop of whipped cream and a cherry!

Don't forget The Official Sponsor of #Dudefest ~ @HanksBaconBeer is having a special contest. Each quarter of Dudefest (every six hours) will have a special random prize drawing based on the number of donations made. Go check it, and all the wonderful quiz prizes at Team Dudefest

A lttle less sticky on the paws! Our S'mores Snack Mix, with Bacon! flavored marshmellows!!
How about some of our Jalapeno flavored Tex-Mex Chili Trail Mix? With Nuts, Chili Cheddar and Pepper Jack Cheese Crackers, Beefbone Pretzels, and of course Bacon! Comes in a handy bucket for walking around Trooper Bowl!

Hey! Aren't these guys supposed to be inside the stadium? Must be on a Special Go Blue! Team! A Gingersnap Cookie with our special Bacon! Buttercream Frosting. Get extras to share with your team!
The Hail Mary of Hot Dogs! Cheese and Saurkraut Stuffed, Bacon! Wrapped, and Deep-fried Trooper Bowl Special! Comes with a large side of Chili Cheese Fries 
A sweet little play here. Our Chocolate Bacon! Cake with a Raspberry Bacon! Filling

Our...Snicker...Doodle Dog here. Cinnamon Chili Cheese Dog, Bacon! upon request!

Oh, Candy Apples! Available in Carmel, Carmel Nip, or Carmel Bacon! varieties

Or, how about an endless platter of Bacon! Available in all of your favorite team's colors!(which team wears purple?)

The Peanut Butter Banana Dog! On a pan-fried bun, sprinkled with Cinnamon and Chili Powder then drizzled with Honey. And, of course, Bacon!

Another tasty treat here. The Snicker's Bar Bacon! Cheesecake

Nut and Honey Cookies for da Bears and da Angry Birds...But I'm pretty certain that third row has Bacon!
Please be sure an visit the Baghdad Pups site, and if you can please donate to help get these hero dogs home!

Meet one of these Heros!
USAToday's Most Heroic Dog of 2010


"In her life, Target helped save the lives of many soldiers in Afghanistan, in her death, she will continue to be the hero everyone remembers by saving the lives of many animals.  Target's love and companionship will be forever ingrained in every aspect of the Bunker."
~Target's owner and friend SGT.Terry Young

RIP Target,
I hope one day to shake your paw at The Rainbow Bridge,
and tell you "Job Well Done."

So, do we pass or carry these cookies? White Chocolate Chip and Macadamia Nut with Bacon!
A special treat just for the kittys! A Lebanese Milk Pudding, Laylee Lubnan, with Bananas and Pomagranates drizzled with Honey and Lemon.
It wouldn't be #dudefest without our Bacon! and Beer Balls! With our special Bacon! Beer dipping sauce
And of course our Bacon! Cheeseburger Cookies!! Order a large platter, you'll want to share with friends!
And don't forget one of our #dudefest staples! Chili Colorado with a large side of Refried Beans and Rice.          Toot! Toot!
Are ya thirsty yet?

Of course we have Hank's Bacon! Beer!!(did you really have to ask?)
We can even serve it in a giant Bacon! Mug! Refill it, or eat it, your choice! Very convenient for enjoying Trooper Bowl!
And, Hank's Bacon! Root Beer for the younger anipal dudes,and those wishing for a non-alcoholic beverage.Very tasty!
And when it gets late at Trooper Bowl, we have our special Black Niptinis in their own Glow in the Dark glass. Served with a Bully Stick!
Want something a little lighter? Try our Appletinis
Another great use for Hank's Bacon! Root Beer! Served with Bacon! Vanilla Ice Cream! Yummy!

The Wild Dog! A Wild Berry Doquiri. With just a hint of Citrus and Nip.
The Bacon! Dogmapolitian, for those wanting something a little more elegant! Maybe you won the Trooper Bowl Pool or one of the quizzes?

How about one of our Meowjitos? Very tasty and cool,the Lime and Nip go perfectly together.
We hope you have had a wonderful time at the #dudefest Trooper Bowl and Tailgate Pawty.

Please donate to Baghdad Pups if you can, it's a wonderful thing they are doing.

Thanks for joining us,
 The #dudefest crew and the Cookie Cafe crew

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